Seagate Laptop Hard Disk Recovery

Seagate Laptop Hard Disk Recovery

Seagate Laptop Hard Disk Data Recovery

Seagate 320 GB Hard drive data got completely corrupted due to improper handling and also due to power surge. The data which was stored in the hard drive was unable to access, so customer had tried using some free data recovery software but he couldn’t scan it even 1%, because hard drive was very bad, hence the hard drive was given to our company and our technical team had started working on the damaged hard drive. Later the data recovery process was started and we were able to recover almost complete data from the drive.

Seagate ST9320423AS Laptop Hard Disk Recovery

Rotation Speed: 7200 RPM
Model: ST9320423AS
Form Factor: 2.5″ Laptop hard drive
Interface Types: SATA 3Gb/s
Storage Capacity: 320 GB
Buffer Size: 16 MB
PN: 9HV14E-300

Seagate 320 GB ST9320423AS Laptop Hard Drive Data Recovery

Recovered Data: 98% Accuracy

Time Taken: 5 Days

Customer Feedback: My hard drive was not detecting and the files were invisible, i tried some online software to recover the data but i failed in it. Finally i had to depend on the data recovery company and get back my valuable data back safely.

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