Don’t Worry! We can Recover Data from a Dead Hard Drive

Data Recovery Bengaluru deals with professional data recovery methods for any hard disk and we are processing each and every highly configured data recovery methods for storage devices. Our technical engineers have resolved various problems such as Accidental Data Loss, Logical Issues, Hardware Issues, Mechanical, Corruption, Formatting & other cases.

List of Data Recovery Services We Handle:

1. Hard Disk Data Recovery.

2. Raid/Server Data Recovery.

3. Encryption Hard Disk Data Recovery.

4. SSD Data Recovery.

Reasons For Hard Disk Failure:

There are mainly five reasons for hard drive crash:

  1. Logical Failure:

Here in a logical failure, the drive’s components are physically undamaged, Due to accidental formatting or a corrupt file system, power surge, virus attack the drive can;t find and navigate its own data. However, unless it has been overwritten, that data still exists on your drive.

  1. Firmware Failure:

Here Firmware Failures are due to Heat, Bad power supplies, Manufacturer faults, Virus attacks, Internal Failure and Corrupted Operating Systems.

  1. Electronic Failure:

Here Electronic Failures are Due to Incorrect/High Voltage, Electronic Component Failure and Motor Spinning Issue.

  1. Disk Error Failure:

Here Disk Error Failure means when you turn on Your PC/Laptops it shows “HARD DISK ERROR”. This is due to the Malware Attacks, Sector Issues and Data Issues.

  1. Mechanical Failure:

Here mechanical failure means that your drive has broken parts that are preventing it from working – busted drives often make a clicking sounds as they futilely attempt to access their files.

If such scenarios occur to your hard disk drive (HDD). Then you have to follow simple three steps:

  1. At First Turn Off Your Device:

While you found any bad symptoms in devices like Hard Disk, Servers, Laptops etc.., just turn off the device and give it to the data recovery technicians who can handle it in a professional way. Don’t try to connect the device repeatedly to the systems, it may go into further worst condition if the drive gets running frequently.

  1. Don’t Do Any (DIY) Recovery Process:

In the Updating Technology world, people think why don’t we try by our own methods by watching you tube videos. It is completely wrong, you may lose your complete data by applying such wrong methods on your Disks. Because hard drive must be handle in a professional way and in a 100% clean room lab environment..! So BE AWARE!

  1. Immediately Contact Us & Get Back Your Data:

Get in touch with our Data Recovery Experts team. We will easily recover data by performing process in 100% Clean Room Lab.

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