Now Data Recovery experts handle Western Digital data recovery services for storage drives with highest precision and accuracy. Experience in handling more than three thousand data recovery cases of western digital from 2 GB to 8 TB, data loss in Desktop WD HDD, Laptop WD hard drives, USB portable drive, Enterprise and My Cloud WD HDD series hard drives are recovered successfully.

Western digital data recovery services from Now Data Recovery

Now data recovery Services for Western Digital Hard Drives

Western Digital is an American company for computer data storage and one of the largest computer hard disk drive and SSD manufacturers in the world. Now, Western Digital (WD HDD) is a second leading provider of storage solutions provider since 2008. Manufacturing Internal hard drives for Laptop and Desktop, Portable USB drives, Enterprise and WD Network Attached Storage devices for backup, sharing and storing the world’s data in a box. The Western Digital hard drives are stable and reliable. During data crash and hard drive damages the WD meida can be recovered with highest precision from our western digital data recovery services.

The data recovery can be performed on Logical corruption, Hardware damaged drives, Firmware damages, PCB board damages, Bad sectors or CRC issues or I/O Errors and Physically damaged media due to fall, Water and Fire level damaged drives too. Non detecting drives will have errors which are popular issues like “unable to initialize the hard drive”, “I/O Error during initialization” and drive will be non-initialized state, Unable to access the hard Drive, “Format the disk” error, volume shows as 0 MB capacity, Mac-Os cannot find the drive volume and cannot mount it, Windows or Mac-Os cannot mount the drive in the system with drive letter and so on… any kind of western digital hard drive damages can be handled in our data recovery team.

Western Digital Data Recovery Services we handle are:

  1. WD Portable Storage
  2. WD Personal Cloud Storage
  3. WD External Storage
  4. WD Internal Hard Drive Storage
  5. WD Internal SSD Storage
  6. WD Network Attached Storage
  7. WD Internal Hard Drives for Business / Enterprise Storage


  • Western Digital Portable Storage Data Loss:

 The My Passport portable drive or WD USB drives is trusted brand to store the massive amounts of data like photos, videos and music you love movies and essential files and folders.

WD builds drives to demanding requirements for portable usage, with high-durability, shock tolerance and long-term reliability. My Passport drive has 3-year of warranty. My passport drives fail due to firmware failure, CRC and I/O errors, mechanical and physical failures which can effect detection or data copy from failed drive, you can rely on us for your western digital portable hard drive data recovery services. The drive will be performing very slow and read write rate is drastically reduced with compromise in data integrity can be recovered in our lab.

Ready to use drive in both compatible for Mac, Windows and Linux drives, you can start transferring files, saving memories and backing up files with data folders which are important. WD Backup software with WD Security software is included in the package of WD portable hard drive for data backup and safety.

My Passport Portable hard drive data recovery services

  1. My Passport (1TB 2 TB  4TB)
  2. My Passport for Mac (New) (1TB – 4TB)
  3. My Passport Pro (2TB – 4TB)
  4. My Passport Ultra (1TB – 4TB)
  5. My Passport Ultra Metal Edition (1TB – 4TB)
  6. My Passport Wireless (1TB – 2TB)
  7. My Passport Wireless Pro (2TB – 3TB)
  8. My Passport X (2TB – 3TB)
  9. WD Elements Portable (500GB 1TB 1.5TB 2TB)


  • Western Digital Personal Cloud Storage Data Recovery:

The my Cloud hard drives are designed for Reliable, centralized personal storage with automatic backup solution plugs into your office and home network groups. Share the data via network of devices and whatever you want, anywhere you have an Internet connection. WD Smart Ware Pro backup software has flexible options for PCs, and Mac and the My Cloud drive is compatible with Apple Time Machine for Mac users. The drive can go failure or network adapter can fail due to power issues age and usage of drive, we can recover data from failed my cloud western digital drives.

Western Digital My Cloud Personal Cloud drive

  1. My Cloud Data Recovery (2TB – 8TB)
  2. My Cloud Mirror (4TB – 16TB)


  • Western Digital External Storage Data Extraction:

Compact outside and Powerful inside. Store massive amounts of data with My Book desktop storage. Millions of people around the world trust their data by using My Book Eternal storage media for their corporate, business and personal needs.  The hard drives work with highest durability, shock tolerance with long-term reliability of usage.

With built-in 256-bit AES Hardware Encryption support with WD Security Smartware encryption software. Compatible for both Windows and Mac users. The external hard drives are equipped with controller which converts from desktop to USB conversion, which handles encryption hardware encryption. In terms of controller failure or drive failure, we can help in western digital external hard drive data recovery services.

  1. Western Digital My Book (New) ( 3TB – 8TB)
  2. My Book (2TB – 8TB)
  3. My Book Duo (4TB – 16TB)
  4. My Book for Mac (2TB – 8TB)
  5. My Book Pro (6TB – 16TB)
  6. WD Elements Desktop(2TB – 4TB)


  • Western Digital Internal Hard Drives Recovery:

            WD Internal hard drives are designed for desktop PC / MAC and power users who demand performance, with a variety of upgrade options available for frequent storage upgrades.

WD Black hard drives deliver inspiring performance for storing large multimedia files like videos and images of data and software applications.

Every WD Internal drives is backed by an industry leading 3 to 5-year limited warranty. With high performance, the drives have less failure due to stationary usage, but in case of data crash our engineers are well experienced with western digital data recovery from internal desktop hard drives.

Desktop Hard drive Western Digital Data Recovery service

  1. WD Black Performance Desktop Hard Drive (1TB – 6TB) models like WD6001FZWX, WD5001FZWX, WD4003FZEX, WD1003FZEX
  2. WD Black Performance Mobile Hard Drive (750GB)
  3. WD Blue PC Desktop Hard Drive (500GB – 6TB)
  4. WD Blue PC Mobile Hard Drive (500GB – 1TB)
  5. WD Blue SSHD PC Desktop Hard Drive (1TB – 4TB)
  6. WD Red NAS Hard Drive (1TB – 8TB)
  7. WD Purple Surveillance Hard Drive (1TB – 8TB)


  • Western Digital Internal SSD storage Data Extraction:

SSD drives are Ready with high performance needs for personal and corporate needs, a WD Blue SSD offers optimized storage with blazing high-speed and leading-edge storage reliability.

Optimized for multitasking and speed of I/O’s WD SSDs let you simultaneously run several high speed demanding applications with ease and reliability. Certified by WD F.I.T. Lab to be compatible with a wide range of desktop and laptop computers including workstation storages, the WD Blue SSD is the right fit for your storage needs.

Every WD Blue SSD comes with a 3-year warraty, the failed WD hard drives can be recovered with most accuracy from our company.

SSD Storage Western Digital Drives

With built-in 256-bit AES Hardware Encryption with WD Security software called WD Smartware Encryption software, after setting your own personalized password to help keep your content privately and safely. Modern drives are a combination of traditional HDD ( hard drive) and SSD ( Solid state drives ) called SSHD Solid State Hybrid Hard drives which are more reliable and robust in performance. The PCB board contains Cache supporting robust performance in reasonable charges.

  1. WD Blue PC SSD
  2. WD Green PC SSD
  3. WD SSHD hard drive data recovery solution.


  • Network Attached Storage (WD NAS) Recovery:

It has space to keep virtually everything in the storage due to higher capacity, the My Cloud Pro Series offers your creative team and individual in network to access storage and edit, save or share files and folders from anywhere with network and internet connectivity is available. Compatible with both Mac and PC simultaneously, you’re able to protect your content regardless of OS and network that your are using. And with all photos, videos and files organized in one place without multiple storage’s and hassle, business team has all it needs to streamline its creative workflow and hassle free work flow environment.

Built-in hardware trans-coding prepares media for streaming in the right format and quality for best results, and with the Plex-Media Server installed on your NAS Box / server, you can instantly stream on any device where internet connectivity is available.

Western Digital NAS Hard Drives data recovery

Users can Access, share an edit HD videos with clients in network using and My Cloud mobile application anywhere you have an internet connectivity and network setup.

  1. My Cloud Pro Series PR2100 (1TB – 16TB)
  2. My Cloud Pro Series PR4100 (1TB – 32TB)
  3. My Cloud EX4100(1TB – 24TB)
  4. My Cloud Expert Series EX2 Ultra(1TB – 16TB) 


  • WD Internal Hard Drives for Business / Enterprise Hard drives :

Reliability, Power efficient, highest capacity, and performance metrics for Datacenter-specific applications like Servers, RAID array and Workstations. Robust storage solution and One of the highest levels of reliability, stability and durability for 24x7x365 continuous operation for the most demanding storage solutions environments.

WD Enterprise Internal Storage for business hard drives are proided with 3-year warranty giving you precious surveillance footage for CCTV hard drives, business and customers required highest performance and reliably in storage no matter where you are in the world.

  1. WD Gold Datacenter Hard Drive (1TB – 10TB)
  2. WD Purple NV Surveillance Hard Drive (4TB – 6TB)
  3. WD Purple Surveillance Hard Drive (1TB – 8TB)
  4. WD RE Datacenter Hard Drive (1TB – 6TB)
  5. WD Red NAS Hard Drive (1TB – 8TB)
  6. WD Red Pro NAS Hard Drive (3TB – 8TB)

Few hard drives of western digital data crashes due to various reasons, our Technical experts are equipped with modern technology with developed methods of reverse engineering for data recovery, as the manufacturing process gets improved. The Western digital hard drives are handled with care and data recovery / extraction is provided with highest precision in our Clean room Lab.

  • Western Digital Warranty Approval for Data Recovery

We support for the warranty replacement of western digital hard drives, by certifying the same with the valid procedure that we have adopted for western digital data recovery services. Contact customer support for warranty queries in the following link.